H&M Glow Palette (Review)

Hello there beautiful people around the world!

So I got a midterm in history which is right around the corner, waving at me and I’m a little bit stressed about that. But I wanted to take a little bit of time to dedicate a post on one of my favorite highlighters that I’m currently using.



H&M is very famous for its clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. But they started releasing makeup products not too long ago and as a makeup beginner and a student on a budget back then, I started buying their makeup products as they were really cheap.

The quality of their makeup was pretty decent when I started using their products. But lately they have amped up their makeup game and their products became even better.

Like the highlighter that I’m going to talk about right now: The H&M Glow Palette.




This highlighter comes in three shades. A bronze, a light pink and a light gold. All three shades are really beautiful and so pigmented. Honestly, it is really hard for me to pick a favorite because they are all so pretty to look at! I like using the light gold one for the inner corners of my eyes because I like opening up my eyes since I sort of got small eyes, then I like using the bronze shade for the apples of my cheeks with a little bit of the light pink shade for some extra glow. For the tip, bridge of my nose and my cupid’s bow, I like suing the light pink shade because it is light and it gives my cupid’s bow and bridge of my nose, a little of glow and it also looks super cute. And the prize of this glow palette? 4.99 Euros. Which is a really good prize for a highlighter like this one. If it’s still available at H&M stores then I definitely recommend that you should get it because it is beautiful, pigmented and really easy to apply. Swatch it! You won’t regret it. 😉

If you reached this part of the post then it’s time for you to answer the question of this blog post which is….*drumroll*

What are your all time favorite highlighter(s) and why?

Comment your answers down below!





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