How I got Over 1400 Instagram Followers in 10 steps

Instagram has become a very popular social media platform, not only because it is filled with beautiful pictures and videos from people who come from different paths of life but also because it is a fun way for businesses to promote their products through aesthetic pictures and videos and to develop a huge following.
But how do people even gain a following in the first place?
In this post, I will tell you 10 tips that got me over 1.400 followers but I will also tell you the mistakes I made that made me take so long to gain this following.

how i got 1400 followers on instagram in 10 steps

A profile picture will give the audience an idea of who you are. Businesses usually use logos which are clean and recognizable.

2) BIO
After you have found the perfect profile picture or logo, it is time for you to create a killer bio. Your bio is your chance to show people who you are. If you are a brand, give them a straightforward description of who you are, what you do and what are your services. If you are an influencer then say who you are, where are you from and what you do. On both cases, it is nice to include your email address for business inquires, social media (especially it is nice when you’re a public figure) and a website link for people to find you easily.

Here is an example of that:



Coming from someone who has a little bit of trouble of being consistent, if you want your account to grow, you must post at least once or twice a day. Your current followers and future followers will not want to follow an account that rarely posts pictures or doesn’t post pictures at all.

Now this is something that helped me a lot when it came to growing my account. This works differently for each person depending where you live. You should pay attention on when your followers are online and when they are not. And once you determine that, post on the time that they are online.

A good tool to help you with that and it has helped me a lot is the Instagram Business Tools in which Instagram shows you analytics on where your followers are from, what age they are and what times they are usually on Instagram. So, I schedule my posts depending on the times that my followers are online and ever since then, I have seen a big change on my account.



Another tool I use the schedule my posts is the app called Preview which is available on both Android and iOS. This app is really useful for you to set a time and date for your Instagram posts and also edit the description, use hashtags and edit your picture. But note that the app won’t post the picture for you because Instagram doesn’t allow it but instead you post it yourself going through the app.

Hashtags are very useful for people to find you when they search for a particular hashtag on Instagram. To be honest, I used to ignore hashtags when I first started my account because I thought that people would discover my Instagram account just like that but man, was I wrong. Think of hashtags as free self-promotion to different groups. You can put up to 30 hashtags (which is what I do) per picture BUT your hashtags should be relevant with your picture.

This is something that I’m still working on actually but I’m getting there. Engaging with your followers and people you follow is a very important way to put yourself and your brand out there. But I’m not talking about leaving comments such as “Cool!” or “Nice” but genuine comments such as a question about the picture or a compliment about the picture. Follow people on your niche and engage with other users on the comment section and that way you put yourself out there and who knows? Maybe users will see your account and check it out. At least that’s what happens with me sometimes.

In this one, you should see what kind of posts attract the audience the most and that will be determined on the likes that each picture gets and then you can start posting similar pictures. For example, on my account I was experimenting with different kinds of posts. I was posting makeup looks, makeup collections and mini makeup tutorial videos. The kinds of pictures that had the most likes were the makeup collections, mini makeup tutorial videos came in second and then makeup looks came third. So, after that I started posting more pictures with makeup collections and now I get 100+ to 2000+ likes on my pictures.

So, this is something that started happening to me actually. Whenever I was posting a picture and it started getting tons of likes, I was posting another one which did not get as much love as the previous picture. Here is an example.

As you can see the picture on the left has 2.237 likes and I posted that one first. Two hours later, I posted the picture on the right and as you can see it didn’t get as much attention as the first one.Why? Because even after 2 hours, the first picture was still getting all the spotlight. Now, I’m not saying that this happens to all accounts because the really famous ones, get likes and comments just like that and they post one picture after another. Now those are for the really famous accounts. But when it comes to some accounts like me, they just work like that.

This is something that I feel that I should really stress out but when you decide to repost a picture that belongs to another account on Instagram or you want to start a feature account, then you should really give credit to the owner of this picture. This is a mistake that I did when I first started my account but after I realized that mistake, I stopped doing it and started giving credit to the owners of the pictures I repost both in the caption but also by tagging the person on the picture.

If you don’t do that and people start noticing that you’re not giving credit then this will give a bad image and reputation on your account and then one will want to follow you. I have seen this happen on Instagram lots of times and let me tell you it was not pretty at all. Not only the owners get really pissed that they don’t get credit on their OWN picture but it also looks bad on the account that reposts that picture.

And last but not the least, the last step is to be dedicated on your account. This is something that took me a while to do and now I have actually improved but if you want your account to grow, then you need to be dedicated to it. Followers won’t come by hundreds or thousands overnight and they certainly won’t come in just a week or month unless of course, you are a public figure or you’re really lucky.

You need to keep working on it, you need to keep your account updated in order for it to move forward and also you need to be engaged with your followers, trends and with the people you follow on your account.



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