Lukuμάδες: My Personal Paradise

If there is one thing that anyone should know about me is that I have a very, very sweet tooth. I love everything that has chocolate in it or on it (except chocolate and orange, that’s not my favorite). Which is why, in this blog post, I decided to talk about my favorite Greek donut shop called Lukuμάδες.

Greek Donuts

Λουκουμάδες or Greek donuts are literally my childhood. I grew up eating them with honey and walnuts or sugar or honey and coconut flakes and I remember I used to get so excited about it and I would eat it all by myself, no matter how big the donuts were.

Now how did I discover that place? I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t even know about that place until my friend Jessie, who came to Greece for study abroad, told me about it. And considering the fact that I have lived in Greece for the past 18 years, that pretty much says a lot about my exploration skills.

But now that we have the discovery background out of the way, let’s just dive into this shop and its delicious treats.

Lukumades Store

Lukumades Inside

Lukuμάδες is a cute little shop located near Monastiraki Square. It’s just a 5-minute walk from the Monastiraki Metro Station.

When I enter this shop, I’m instantly welcomed by the smell of the donuts being fried and the smell of chocolate. The interior is really cute and cozy while the staff welcomes you with a smile and they are always ready to take your order.


And now for the best part. THE TREATS!

Lukuμάδες has a variety of donuts ranging from the all-time classics to some newly styled donuts (my favorites) and then they also offer some other treats like ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, tea, and beverages.

My all-time favorites are the New-Styled donuts, ever since I stepped my foot into that store. They offer a variety of donuts which are often escorted by a huge scoop of ice cream. Here are some of my favorites:

LoukoumadesMouthwatering Donuts

These Greek donuts which are on the New-Style menu section are called Gold Metal. The donuts are drenched in chocolate praline and pistachio nuts and they are escorted by a scoop of cookies & cream ice cream. I’ve had that one several times to conclude that it’s just delicious. I mean look at all the chocolate goodness.

More Donuts

The donuts at the top are called Black & White. The donuts are covered in chocolate praline, Bueno, and hazelnuts and it is escorted by a scoop of Twix ice cream. It’s going to be a little bit too much for someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth but I personally love it!

The donuts at the bottom are called Double Chocolate Cookies. Now that was a new one on the menu and I wanted to try it! If I’m not mistaken, the donuts are covered and chocolate and white chocolate praline and oreo cookie crumbs and escorted by a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Now I don’t quite remember that one but all I can remember is the taste of the chocolate drenched donut in my mouth.

The next ones I want to try are the Strawberry Cheesecake Donuts and the donuts with filling since I have never tried those.

The prices of the donuts are pretty reasonable in my opinion because the quality of the donuts and the portions will make your tummy full and your heart satisfied. The prices range from 3-6 euros, depending on what you get. The New-Style donuts cost around 5-6 euros.

Overall, the yummy-ness and quality of the donuts, the friendly staff, the service and the place totally won me over. On my next visit, I need to try the Strawberry Cheesecake donuts though.


All photos were taken by me.
All opinions are purely my own.


2 thoughts on “Lukuμάδες: My Personal Paradise

  1. Ah love this post!!! And I totally miss being your adventure buddy! Can’t wait to come see you again, friend, and of course eat some more of those delicious Lukumades you described so well!

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