How To Survive Summer Sessions in College

Taking summer sessions in college might seem like a really good idea to some people because they can take a few courses in order for them to be a little bit ahead of everyone else and in the process graduate earlier from college. This is something ideal for people who want to graduate earlier from college. Also, it is quite beneficial for people who have a double major or a minor.


This summer, I decided to take three courses so that I could complete 10 courses during my freshman year and because I wanted to complete the writing program. The courses I took were Academic Writing & Research, Multimedia Lab and Introduction to Film and Television studies.

Although I aced the first two courses and passed them with an A, I didn’t really ace the Introduction to Film and Television studies course which I passed with a B and dropped my GPA a little bit. And here is where I’ll be giving you some tips on how to survive and potentially ace your courses during the summer and a great GPA at the end of it.


Staying organized during summer sessions is really important and essential. Having a planner and the syllabus printed will help you organize your studying. You could write down to your planner the material you will be learning each day and the assignments that you are required to do. This way, you can manage and schedule your study time even better!

During summer sessions, the material of the offered courses is compressed into a month or two, depending on what courses you are taking, which means that you will be spending more than one hour in classes because teachers need to teach an entire syllabus in one month. Actually, make it one hour to four whole hours. Skipping a class will not only make you lose track of the material but also, you might miss some important details when it comes to your midterm, final exams or assignments.

Classes during summer sessions last long every day and with the heat, it becomes unbearable to go to class five days a week. Of course, in that case, A/C is your best friend but so is food and water or some kind of beverage. It is a no-brainer that you will be having 10-20 minute breaks in between hours so bringing or buying some food to eat and water to drink will get you ready to face the upcoming hours of your class with a full stomach. Otherwise, you will be more focused on the sound of your tummy complaining that you didn’t feed it.

During summer sessions, the time that you will have to study may be limited. In most cases, you might finish the material during the week of your exam. Which is why it is wise to study a little bit every day just so that you can hold a bit of information about the material in your brain and therefore make it easier for you to remember things faster when you get down to business to study for your exams.

Although summer sessions are very pressuring and demanding, you will need some time to take care of yourself because you will overwork yourself if you have taken a certain number of courses during the summer and then at the end, you will experience burnout. So, taking some time to pamper yourself with a manicure or just hang out with friends will really make you relax a little bit and forget about your courses since those are all you will have in mind.

Overall, summer sessions can be a bit tiring, demanding and challenging but for most college students who take them, it can be rewarding because not only will you earn an early ticket to graduation but for a number of students who have a double major or a minor, it can reduce their time in college since a double major or a minor can take up more than four years.

If you have any other tips about summer sessions then please leave them in the comments down below! 😀


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