Long Distance Friendships: Are they worth it or not?

DISCLAIMER: This article was created by me but was originally posted on the online magazine run by the Gazette club from Deree – The American College of Greece. This article is included on this blog for the creation of my portfolio. You will see a citation at the end of this article to get you to where this article was firstly published.


Long distance friendships have taken the world by storm in our modern days. The internet has changed the way we communicate and form friendships. It has brought people, who have never met before in real life, together and made them form a strong bond with only a screen separating them and as this bond grows, it turns into a friendship.

But how do long distance friendships work? Are they worth your time or not? How is it being in a long distance friendships?

Erin Rogue is a college student who lives permanently in Greece and she will share her experiences with online friendships.

N: Hello Erin! So, I know that you’ve had and still have a lot of friends online. What do you think about the whole long distance friendship concept?

E: Mmm…it’s not bad. It’s good to have some friends online that you can share stuff with because you don’t know them personally so you can tell them things, you could never say to someone in person and if things go wrong then just block that person.

N: Do you have friends that you’ve only met online? And if yes, how is it?

E: Yes, I have so many friends that I have only met online but only a few of them stayed, you know? Some of them lasted for a few days or a few weeks. And how is it? Well, it’s nice considering the person has a different lifestyle than you. There is that mysterious aura going on. For example, you wonder whether they are online or not and then they just happen to be online whenever you need them too. It cheers you up and it’s really useful because they just give you a different advice that people close to you won’t give you because they don’t know you that well so you get another point of view in your life.

N: So what is the best thing about those kinds of friendships?

E: I think that online friends bond from the minute they meet and there is this relationship between you two that you know that even though it may be cut off any minute, it’s strong and you’re really comfortable with each other.

N: But if online friendships have their upsides, they must also have some downsides. What could those be?

E: Like in any other long distance relationship, you can’t meet the person and you don’t have them there to just hug them. You don’t have the physical figure and that’s really sad because even if you want to hang out with them you can’t because your friend is on your cell phone.

N: Have you experienced any changes in yourself ever since you got involved in those friendships?

E: I guess yeah…I’ve been more open to people now because I wouldn’t really talk to anyone before.

N: So, why do you think that more and more people get involved in these type of friendships?

E: It’s not really bad that they get involved in those friendships because I, myself, am involved with those friendships but I wouldn’t recommend involving your whole self in those friendships because that would mean being stuck in front of a computer. And that would make someone a closed person and forget that there is a world outside your house or outside your room. So I would say, that someone shouldn’t forget that and that they shouldn’t only focus online.

N: What advice would you give to people who want to get involved or are already involved into those online friendships?

E: I would tell them…just keep doing what you’re doing and keep it cool. Don’t stop treating them like normal friends and if you think that you can cross the boundary and get into a relationship then do but if not then sustain it. Because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s really easy to cut off the relationship and it’s too bad if it gets lost and you should always keep in touch.


Conclusion? Online friendships are easy to build but they are also easy to break, because there are many aspects that can affect an online friendship such as time difference, different schedules, and different lifestyles.

But this doesn’t mean that a friendship won’t last. It will if both sides want it very much. And it will if both sides work for it very hard.

By Maria Neariz Alqueza


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