Friends Without Borders

This Fall semester that just ended, I had taken a Digital Image class which was basically the first photo class that I have ever taken in my life. The video below is a final project that I had to do for this photo class and it’s not only a video that I just made for the class but it’s also a video that I can relate to on a very deep level.

This is the official statement that I wrote for this article:

The concept of the video is how I define “Friends without Borders”.

In the video, I start off with a question I asked on two study abroad students, I befriended this semester, whose names are Elizabeth and Jessie and they are both from the USA and I continued with two videos of them answering that very question. The purpose behind that is for the viewer to see how people outside the country, like the two girls, see the place and how they see the people and the way of living which is totally different than what they are used to.

Then I continue on by asking myself a question: What does “Friends without Borders” mean to me? What my answer was, was that in this world, we got geographic borders, we got language borders, life and death borders, logic borders and even humans have borders between themselves and that was the sad part.

What “Friends without Borders” means to me, is that it doesn’t matter where the people you meet are from or where they currently live. It doesn’t matter what nationality they are or what race they are or what religion they are. When you meet a person and you talk to that person, you instantly have a connection, even just a small one and as you continue to get to know each other, you form a bond. Now you might think that the bond might break when the person goes away, but in reality it won’t. It will stay sealed because you got memories with that person and even if those memories are short memories, they are still memories that you are going to remember. And that’s what I think it connects people and in their heart, they remain friends. It’s like taking a picture. When you take a picture, it’s like taking a few seconds of a memory and turning it into an image that won’t change even after a few years pass. So, even if those friends become memories in the future, they become friends without borders. Because even if they are nowhere near you, they exist. They still exist in your mind, in your memories and most of all they exist in your heart. That’s how I would define friends without borders.

As I answer the question, I am showing small clips and pictures of people I befriended this semester. Those people are what I call “Friends without Borders” because they come from different nationalities, different races, different skin colors and different religions. But yet, we all get along and we all embrace and share our differences and our different beliefs without fearing judgement.

To me, making friends outside the country I live in means more to me that just being connected to the world. To me, it means that I broaden my horizons and I open my mind more. It means that I get the chance to learn something new and get exposed to new cultures that I never experienced before. Of course, there are times when I don’t feel comfortable being exposed to all those different things and that is a good thing because it means I’m changing. It means that I grow up and learn. When I get exposed to new ideas, it means that I become open-minded. When I meet new people, it means that I get new connections even if I know they are going to go back to their homes soon. But with the internet, we still get to stay connected because of all these platforms that are given to us, to help us stay connected with people that live in a different country and also meet people and connect with them even if we never met in person before.

So, to me, friendship has no borders. It has no limits. Friendship can go far and beyond even if you stay in one place. Because you can find friendship wherever you go.