How I got Over 1400 Instagram Followers in 10 steps

Instagram has become a very popular social media platform, not only because it is filled with beautiful pictures and videos from people who come from different paths of life but also because it is a fun way for businesses to promote their products through aesthetic pictures and videos and to develop a huge following.
But how do people even gain a following in the first place?
In this post, I will tell you 10 tips that got me over 1.400 followers but I will also tell you the mistakes I made that made me take so long to gain this following.

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Aren’t the Chubby Mermaid Brushes, the Cutest Brushes EVER?

We have seen a lot of cutesy things in the makeup world. From Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears Lipstick to Lancome’s Flower Highlighter, here come the Mermaid Brushes by Mermaid Salon. And let me tell you, they, didn’t just break Instagram but they also won a lot of hearts because they are just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Continue reading “Aren’t the Chubby Mermaid Brushes, the Cutest Brushes EVER?”

How to Choose Your Major in College

Choosing a major in college is not hard.
Choosing the right major in college for you is.

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